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Past events

2019 Series

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Negotiating Space - A One-day Workshop for Women

The world is changing. The spotlight is increasingly on gender inequality, and it is becoming commonplace to hear that we must 'empower' women in the workplace. But what does that actually mean? How can you act with assurance at work?

Photograph courtesy of  Goodfeelography

Photograph courtesy of Goodfeelography

You, a camera and a splash of mindfulness

The negative talk we have of ourselves is often magnified and multiplied when it comes to photographs. But perhaps with a little help in learning some technical and body techniques, we can gain confidence, not only in taking a photograph but also having our photograph taken. How we feel about ourselves is so vital to our well-being and quality of life. Let’s gift ourselves the time to feel good. And most importantly having fun doing so.

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Instagram 101 x Isabelle Mason

Instagram is a dynamic and powerful tool that can help you build your personal brand or business, to share, connect and engage with like-minded people and to join a community of inspiration and information. But it can also be a minefield keeping up with trends and new features. Join this workshop to learn how to utilise Instagram to its fullest potential and a discussion of the theoretical role of social media.

Photo courtesy of  Dragan Simicevic .

Photo courtesy of Dragan Simicevic.

Authentic Wardrobe Cultivation x Molly McDonnell/Akasa Services

Local fashion designer, tailor and wardrobe consultant, Molly McDonnell, has been lending her unique skills in guiding her private clients, one-on-one—to arrive at a more authentic expression of self, through how they dress.

She shared her personally developed strategy known as Authentic Wardrobe Cultivation, normally reserved for private clients, in a one-time workshop format.


Stress Management with the DeRose Method x Nicole Pieper

Stress management is a vast subject. To live well and deal well with all that life throws at us, we need to train: physically, emotionally and mentally to gain strength, flexibility and stability, internally as well as externally.


2018 Series

A little  me  time in the summer

A little me time in the summer

July Yoga Series x Encarni Giráldez

Offering some ‘me’ time for those stuck in the city in summer.

No matter your experience with yoga, from total newbie to those who practice frequently.

In search of well-being where mental and physical health meet.

The power of words

The power of words

Writing as a Form of Healing x The Lion & The Unicorn

The workshop introduced different writing techniques experiencing how pen and paper can be tools to build a safe space moving you from the fear of your own words to the healing process transforming the way you view yourself.

Cooking creatively with common ingredients

Cooking creatively with common ingredients

Intuitive Cooking Workshop x Intueat

Believe in your intuition to lead you through the creative process.

Cook a meal in the moment.

See what the participants created with raw ingredients and the one guideline of cooking outside your comfort zone.