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Word of Mouth a community empowered through offline connections.

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Have you ever listened to a podcast and were so eager to talk to someone about it but didn’t have anyone?

Well now is your time.

The Podcast Club brings together people eager to listen, to share and discuss podcast episodes they’ve listened to.

How does it work?

The club meets one Sunday a month.


Those who have signed up for the get-together will receive an episode programme that will be discussed at the get-together.

The episode programme is based on suggestions from the group.

Show up on the day, enjoy the light brunch and joys of taking an online experience to offline, sharing, learning and listening.

What are the requirements?

Listening to the episode programme.

Sharing any episodes you would like to discuss with others.

Paying €5. This covers the cost of organising the get-together.

Showing up if you’ve said you will, ready to enjoy great conversations and walk away with energy, inspiration, empowerment for the upcoming week and hopefully some new connections.

Who can join?

Inclusive conversations is how we can grow and live in harmony with each other. The Podcast Club get-togethers have demonstrated how powerful the sharing of dividing and opposite opinions has brought more clarity to the understanding of the world, the society and communities we live in.

This is a safe space to share your thoughts, challenge your ideas and those of others, based on the intention of being interested in having a good conversation where maybe you walk away learning something new or starting to see different perspectives.

How can i join?

Sign up specifically to the Podcast Club mailing list to keep informed.


Click on the month for the lists of episodes discussed.

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