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The Last of the Summer Wines

Wine Club x Jaclyn Zimmerman of WinedUp

5th Wine Tasting, 2019 series 

The last of the summer wines.  Oh wait, but summer has not even officially started. So why “the last”? 
Because this is the last WOM Wine Club Tasting Get-together collaboration given by the irreplaceable Jaclyn Zimmerman of WinedUp, who will head out to California before the end of summer to pursue an incredible opportunity to work as the Director of Operations for a Vineyard in Napa Valley, where you can all visit her!

This will be your last opportunity if you have not yet joined one of the Wine Club tastings. A get-together that is always educational and professional and delivered with a unique sprinkle of humor, because Jaclyn really is funny. You have to be there to experience it.
And yes, on 1 July it will be summer.  And by then, perhaps, you are already tired of the menu options of rosé or rosé. 
Are there really red and white wines that are great served and enjoyed in summer besides rosé? 
Yes, indeed, there is more than just rosé in the summer. 
Join this tasting (and the usual delicious edible spread) to explore and expand your taste buds with wines that are light and refreshing on the palate whilst the sun and heat keep you warm. 
Trust us, by making Monday this much fun, the rest of your week will be a well-deserved breeze with this heat.

Did you miss the last tasting? Scroll down to see some photos and links.

Word of Mouth and Wined-Up hope you can join an exploration into what wines for summer.

DOn’t miss the last chance to learn from jaclyn.

The Specifications

* Cost is €35 per person.
* The tasting of six wines.
* Savoury nibbles: tons of cheese, charcuterie andfresh locally baked bread.
* Fun and games. 
* Time: 19:00 - 21:00 (perfect Monday evening to kickstart your week)
* Location: to be provided to confirmed spots. 
* Priceless learning experience from Jaclyn Zimmerman, the Sommelier behind Wined-Up.
* Reconnecting with some familiar faces and meeting some new faces, and definitely laughs and conversation.

Not sure what to expect? See below some of the past tastings.

Past tastings

2019 tasting series

Cork or Stelvin? Is one better when it comes to taste?

Cork or Stelvin? Is one better when it comes to taste?

Screw Top vs Cork?

Does it really make a difference if a Stelvin or cork is used to close the wine bottle?

And what about the glass?  

Chocolate for dessert? But with which wine?

Chocolate for dessert? But with which wine?

Wine and chocolate, a match made in heaven, or not?

Guests had the opportunity to taste some of Berlin’s finest chocolate and experiment matchmaking to find a wine partner.

As always, this tasting went beyond chocolate and wine as Jaclyn shared so much more about wine.

2018 tasting Series

German wine, drink local, buy local

German wine, drink local, buy local

A Tour of Germany

Guests experienced the incredible quality and diversity of German wines.

Not all bubbles are created equal.

Not all bubbles are created equal.

Bubbles, can you tell the difference?

Is there really a difference between champagne and all the other sparkling? Yes and no. The important part is to find the one you like, and you may be surprised which one that is.