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How does it works?

* The Wine Club meets every 1-2 months.

* Each get-together will have a particular theme. This helps with learning. The themes may be around types of grapes, different regions, and different seasons.

* The wines will be accompanied with light snacks such as fresh local bread, olives, charcuterie, and cheese, depending of course, on the wine theme. 

Who is doing the Wine Tasting?


Because Word of Mouth loves
- collaborations
- making conversations and experiences fun
- creating new links and growing existing ones
- finding the best in town to offer you the best

The wine tastings will be led by Jaclyn Zimmerman, the wine concierge behind Wined-Up

What do I need to do?

* Each wine tasting will be €35 per person (price may change depending on the complexity of the tasting). And this includes the tasting of 5-6 wines plus the nibbles. 

* The priceless experience of being guided and taught by Jaclyn and surrounded by good company. 

Who can join?

This is an inclusive experience. Word of Mouth believes in the richness of conversations and learning by the diversity of those sitting around the table.

The Wine Tastings are invite-only events. This simply means, only those interested in the tastings will receive information.

If you would like to be informed about to the next Wine Tasting and the Wine Club events, please sign up.

past Tastings!

2019 tastings

Does it make a difference?

Does it make a difference?

Screw top vs Cork?

Does it really make a difference if a Stelvin or cork is used to close the wine bottle?

And what about the glass?  

Chocolate for dessert? But with which wine?

Chocolate for dessert? But with which wine?

Wine and chocolate, a match made in heaven, or not?

Guests had the opportunity to taste some of Berlin’s finest chocolate and experiment matchmaking to find a wine partner.

As always, this tasting went beyond chocolate and wine as Jaclyn shared so much more about wine.

2018 tastings

Not all bubbles are created equal.

Not all bubbles are created equal.

Bubbles, can you tell the difference?

Is there really a difference between champagne and all the other sparkling? Yes and no. The important part is to find the one you like, and you may be surprised which one that is.

German wine, drink local, buy local

German wine, drink local, buy local

A Tour of Germany

France and Italy are often considered the go to countries for wine production, but this tasting session showcased how incredible German wines really are.